Dreams That You Dare to Dream…



I have heard so many grandparents talk about how the only thing that was better than the birth of their own children was the birth of their grandchildren.  I never questioned that notion…not even a little.  I simply resigned myself to the fact that it was something I will understand when my kids become parents (in 40 or 50 years!).

I’ve told you the story of my sister, Carole, and the loss of her daughter, Fiona, last May.  Last week, Carole gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Emerson Patrick.  Let me tell you…I know what those grandparents are talking about.

For the last few weeks of Carole’s pregnancy, we were all anxiously awaiting Emerson’s arrival.  No one more than Carole and her husband, James, but we were all waiting…and hoping….and praying…and hoping some more.  The day that Carole went to the hospital, Krissie (one of my other sisters) and I were getting updates from Sarah (the fourth sister!) who was with Carole and James through the whole process.  At one point, Krissie and I were commenting about how worthless we both were at work that day…just waiting for the news that Emerson had arrived.

Then, at 3:35 PM on Tuesday, April 12, I received the four most amazing words ever sent in a text message: “He’s here. He’s beautiful”

I was so excited that I nearly jumped out of my skin.  I told everyone at work who would listen that my nephew had arrived.  I held it together pretty well…until I got to see my sister holding her son.  Then, I pretty much lost it.  Finally, through the storm, my sister was on the other side…holding her rainbow.

My husband and sons got to meet Emerson in the hospital the day after he was born, but only for a couple of hours.  Last weekend, we spent our hole Saturday with the little family of three.  Danny, my older son – my rainbow baby – couldn’t get enough of holding his new cousin.  At one point, Carole captured the most beautiful picture of the two of them together.


Danny and Emerson.  Two boys who will likely never understand just how much they mean to their parents.  How long and hard they were wished for and prayed for.  How much they are the dreams that we dared to dream.  The double rainbow that fills our hearts.


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